Bigger the project greater the pressure,
and greater the encouragement
I want to develop new businesses

Joined 2015
Chemical & Material Production Machinery Division (at the time of interview)

Yuji Iijima

You can propose what you want to sell
Overseas sales is also attractive

I was initially interested in the overseas plant-related industry, and I joined Marubeni Techno-Systems to pursue this. I used to work at a domestic manufacturer, and it was frustrating being limited to sell products you manufactured. At a trading company, you can suggest what you think will sell or products that you believe are necessary. It’s a difficult job to propose something new. Still, the reward and satisfaction is much higher when you see your clients satisfied.
Currently, I mainly sell chemical plant equipment from domestic manufacturers to overseas clients. I oversee India, Slovakia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Romania, Brazil, Chile, the United States, Taiwan, and Singapore.

It is vital to build strong trust in business.
Greater the task, greater the accomplishment

There are difficult parts of my job. In these situations, I try to think of all related parties, keeping in mind the balance between profit and optimization. I feel great satisfaction when I overcome hardship and gain the trust of the client and manufacturer.

A while ago, I was dealing with a client that we had a long term relationship. The client requested changes to the contract due to market situations. This change shocked me as it was unexpected and had a significant impact on the project. I worked in cooperation with parties to successfully find a closure point. We were able to amend the contract and close the deal. In the end, we delivered the equipment, and our suppliers and clients appreciated our efforts. The business continues with this client, and trust is stronger than ever.
At Marubeni Techno-Systems, I feel entrusted to handle large business deals. On the other hand, I am pressured to take the initiative of projects, or else nothing moves forward. Still, if you maintain high standards and consult with the people you work with, the reward of finishing a project is worth it. I try to have fun working, and I am positive that with my projects, my clients, my suppliers anything can be done.

If you have an idea, possibilities are limitless
Find opportunities and challenge

I believe there is still room for IT and more efficient operations to optimize productivity at chemical plants. I want to continue to challenge myself to anticipate the needs of our clients and the request of manufacturers to close more deals that satisfy both parties.

I get excited when I start business in a new country with new clients. Recently, we are closing a new project that took that two years to develop.
Moving forward, I would like to incorporate new ideas that go beyond the boundaries of our conventional business.
A trading company has a wide range of capabilities. If you have an idea, the opportunities are limitless. And Marubeni Techno-Systems is full of opportunities and people who support new challenges.