Based on my experience as a student,
Bringing Japan’s automotive industry
technology to the world

Joined 2013
Automotive Powertrain Machinery Division

Mio Hirosawa

My experience in Mexico as a student has lead to my career.

As a University student, I studied in Mexico. It was here that I saw Japanese cars being repeatedly repaired and still driven.
I was moved seeing local people taking care of Japanese products, and it lead me to think about a career in exporting Japanese products and good.
Since joining Marubeni Techno-Systems, I am responsible for sales support, order management, export of machinery, and delivery arrangements of automotive equipment for engines and transmissions.
My experience in Mexico led me to the present day, continuing to work in the automotive equipment industry.

Flexible response is required according to the project
Wide range of knowledge, from import/export to legal affairs to finance is needed

Right now, my main job is exporting domestic machinery.
I support the projects by handling machine export arrangements, trade procedures, and arranging visas for our onsite installation staff. It may not seem like a flash job, but my role is essential to ensure proper delivery and installation of equipment.
The machinery we sell costs from ten’s of millions to several hundred million yen, we also deliver full production lines making my job very demanding.
In addition to actual import and export, my job requires vast knowledge ranging from legal expertise for contracts, foreign currency exchange to finance.
There are no two same projects, and every project has its issues. Flexible execution is needed for every project, making my job more challenging and worthwhile.

Always pay close attention to details when exporting

Most of the machines we export overseas are high-performance that are a demonstration of Japan’s high technological capabilities.
Therefore, there are cases where an export license is required. In the past, my export application was delayed leading to a late delivery. The delay would have ruined the whole project.
Delivery dates are crucial, and a few mistakes can lead to significant losses. I consistently pay attention to the minute of details to ensure that projects run smoothly.

Looking out for changes and client needs, relating that to work

I plan to continue working in the automotive equipment field. Many of the equipment we currently deal with is machinery for manufacturing gasoline engines. I think that the number of equipment related to hybrid and EV vehicles will increase in the future.
I will keep an eye out on trends and changes in the industry. Added, I would like to expand my knowledge of equipment and machinery, to less depend on the manufacturers.
Through this, I believe that customer satisfaction will rise, and it will make my job more rewarding.