Chemical & Material Production Machinery Division

Supporting the materials industry with high technical & proposal capabilities, and an extensive product lineup

Chemical / Recycling
Marubeni Techno-Systems facilitates equipment & products for petrochemical plants to major Japanese and foreign petrochemical companies.
We carry a wide range of manufacturing equipment from olefins such as ethylene and propylene, synthetic resins such as polyethylene and polypropylene, high-purity terephthalic acid the raw material for polyester fibers, to synthetic rubber the raw material for tires. We also provide recycled materials such as wood chips,
RPF (Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel), waste plastic, tire chips, and fluoroplastic scraps, which are raw materials and fuels.

High Function Fibers & Textile / composites
Mainly for Japanese textile companies, we supply dyeing and finishing equipment that is vital for the production of high-function fibers & textiles. We also provide non-woven fabric manufacturing equipment used in a wide range of applications such as automobile interior, filters, and masks. Additionally, we provide carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) in rolls to machinery and composite sheet manufacturers.


In chemical and recycling, we have a track record of delivery in Japan, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Thailand, India, Middle East, Europe, Russia, North America, and South America.
For functional fibers and composite materials, Japanese textile manufacturers are our main clients.

Products & Services

Petrochemical plant

We provide a wide range of equipment for petrochemical plants. Based on our history and long relation with significant Japanese and foreign chemical and engineering companies, we supply various equipment to our clients.

Environmental and recycling-related products

We handle recycled products for raw materials and fuels, such as construction waste, wood scrap, RPF (Refuse Paper & Plastic Fuel), fluororesin, and tire chips. By providing recycled products, we contribute to creating a sustainable society.

High Function Fiber & Textile related equipment

Our lineup of products & equipment meets the highest standards of major Japanese fiber/textile fabricators. We offer these products and equipment to the Japanese and foreign markets. Through partnership with a highly advanced Japanese machine manufacturer, we provide machinery for manufacturing high function fiber/textile and non-woven fabrics.

Other products

・ Glass fiber threading machine ・ Composite molding products ・ Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) rolls
・ Oil and gas drilling related equipment ・ Pipeline related equipment ・ Logistic equipment

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