Chemical & Material Production Machinery Division

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Vast product line-up to support the material production industry.

Lifestyle / Chemical
Marubeni Techno-Systems facilitates equipment & products to major Japanese and global petrochemical plants.
In addition, we carry a wide variety of products and equipment for the printing, food, and textile industries.

High Function Fibers & Textile / Composites
Focused on domestic textile companies, we supply dyeing and finishing equipment essential to produce high-function fibers & textiles. We also provide manufacturing equipment for non-woven fabric. Used in a wide range of applications such as automobile interior, filters, and masks. Additionally, we provide carbon rolls made with carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) to machine builders and film manufacturers.


We have experience delivering to the global market for the petrochemical market such as East Asia, South-East Asia, Thailand, India, Middle East, Europe, Rosia North America, South America, and Japan.
In the functional fiber and composite market, we mainly deliver to Japanese textile manufacturers.

Products & Services

Petrochemical plant

Based on our network and long relationship with major foreign petrochemical and engineering companies. We sell and deliver various types of equipment and facilities to petrochemical plants in Japan and foreign countries.

High Function Fiber & Textile related equipment

The increasing demand for High Function fiber. Our lineup of products & equipment meets the highest standards of Japanese and foreign fiber/textile fabricators.
We provide machinery for manufacturing High Function fiber/textile and non-woven fabrics through our partnership with a technologically advanced niche Japanese manufacturer.

Textile Machinery

“Cotton” to “Yarn” Spinning Machines
“Yarn” to “Fabric” Weaving & Braiding Machine
“Fabric” Coloring, Dyeing Finisher Machine for vibrant colors
We provide a wide range of high-quality, high-performance textile manufacturing equipment.

Food Processing Machinery

We propose production, wrapping, and automated production lines with our domestic and foreign textile equipment partners.

Printing Equipment

We handle several types of printing equipment focused on CI (center impression) type flexographic printing presses. Environmental awareness has been driving demand for water-based inks for flexographic printing. We have been importing food packaging-specific printing presses from Italy and selling them to the Japanese market. With over 40 years of experience, we offer an end-to-end one-stop solution for the printing industry.

Blow fill seal machine for medical containers

Rommelag’s Blow fill seal machine for medical containers is a unique machine that performs molding (Blow), filling (Fill), and sealing (Seal) at the same time. Melting pellets of PE and PP resin with screws, this filling machine can extrude into a cylindrical shaped mold. Because containers are filled before the sealing process, this enables the content to be infused under sterile conditions. There are various applications, such as suction, injection, eye drops, and infusion bottles.
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Other products

・ Glass fiber threading machine ・ Composite molding products ・ Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) rolls
・ Oil and gas drilling related equipment ・ Pipeline related equipment ・ Material Handling equipment

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