Textile Machinery Division

Contributing from development and production of clothing to industrial & medical new materials

We are proud that we have contributed to improving the lifestyles of people around the world through the continuous supply of textile machinery to more than 70 countries for over 50 years.

The textile industry for apparel and daily use is expected to expand in Asia and Europe, continuing to Africa and the Americas. We devoted to proposing & delivering optimal equipment to satisfy customer needs.

It is our mission to discover and provide state-of-the-art equipment, and hope to contribute to our clients around the world.


History of selling textile machinery

over 50 years


over 70 Countries

Countries delivered : Asia, North, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa

Products and Services

Spinning machinery

Spinning machinery refers to a machine that makes thread from cotton. Yarn or thread is created by processing cotton roving. Japanese-made equipment produces quality yarns and is highly valued worldwide. The major markets are expected to shift to developing countries that can provide abundant and lower labor cost.

Weaving machine

Weaving machines are used to process thread into cloth & fabric to make fabrics for clothing such as shirts and jeans, towels, and bedsheets. In addition to traditional materials as cotton and wool, new woven materials are expanding. These new materials include synthetic fibers that have a wide range of usage. Examples are outdoor products, airbags for automobiles, printed circuit boards, and carbon fibers. The air jet loom made in Japan, which uses air power to weave, is highly productive, durable, and easy to operate. It is one of the world’s best-selling products.

Dyeing and Finishing Machinery

Dyeing and Finishing Machinery is used to add value to fibers through various finishing processes. Finishing examples are coloring yarns and fabrics, fabric shape memory processing, and high-quality processing that provides flexibility and gloss to fabrics. After being cut and sewn, these end products are made into shirts and jeans and shipped worldwide.
Japanese dyeing and finishing machinery combine high value-added quality, high productivity, and high durability. Japan continues to play an active role in the world’s textile production areas, delivering top quality products.

Other products

Factory-related equipment
Based on many years of experience, we offer comprehensive proposals from machinery to air conditioning and water treatment, which are essential for the entire production line.
In addition to selling equipment, we strive to contribute to the further improvement of customer productivity & efficiency by offering high-quality equipment. Thank you, and we hope to support you as much as possible.

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