Nagoya Branch

Japan’s largest industrial zone
Automotive industry & aircraft industry, two major transport industries of the Chukyo Industrial Zone
The front line of Japanese manufacturing

In the Chubu region, which is represented by the Chukyo Industrial Zone. We offer various manufacturing facilities for the automotive and aircraft industries. We also handle manufacturing and inspection equipment for solar power generation systems.

The design of automotive parts changed to standardize & share parts, and adapt low fuel consumption capabilities. We are one of the first to respond to these needs and provide tier 1 & tier 2 suppliers with automated manufacturing equipment.
Also, we have a high level of experience and know-how in manufacturing equipment for heavy industry, such as special processing machines for handling titanium and carbon used in commercial aircraft.


We have much experience in the Chubu region, including the Chukyo Industrial Zone, which is the industrial center of Japan.

Products & Services

Automotive parts production facilities

With the trend of low fuel consumption of automobiles and standardization of parts, further improvement of production efficiency and quality is required. To achieve this, we propose automation of manufacturing processes using automatic assembly machines and industrial robot systems.

Special machine tools

We handle specialized processing machines for difficult-to-cut materials such as titanium and carbon (CFRP: Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic) and ultra-finish polishing machines tailored to special parts.

Aircraft parts production equipment

We deliver equipment to major aircraft and parts manufacturers that process new materials unique to the aircraft field. Equipment such as laser processing machines, press machines, heat treatment furnaces, automatic conveying equipment, carbon lamination machines, and CFRP processing machines.

Solar power generation system manufacturing equipment

We sell and deliver equipment for manufacturing solar power generation systems.

Other products

Structural adhesion equipment, etc.

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