Domestic Mobility Division

Responding to customer requests with high engineering capabilities

Marubeni Techno-Systems provide powertrain production, press, weld, and final assembly equipment to domestic automobile and parts manufacturers.
We also sell general-purpose machine tools including Citizen Machinery’s lathe and FANUC’s Small Machining Center to domestic and Vietnamese high-precision equipment manufacturers in the automobile and medical fields.

Automobile Equipment
We provide powertrain manufacturing, molds, press, weld, painting and final assembly facilities for all automobile manufacturing processes. Our technical staff works closely with customers to deliver the optimal proposal from selecting equipment, procuring, logistics, and installation. We also offer after-support, education, and maintenance services.
With the increased demand for EVs, we are also focusing on batteries and motor-related production equipment.

Machine Tools
Reseller of Citizen Machinery lathes, and FANUC’s Small Machining Center, we have delivered to hundreds of clients. Our experienced sales team provide our clients with optimal machining equipment from machining center, lathes, grinders to peripherals.


We sell equipment to major domestic automobile and parts manufacturers. Regions we delivered to are Japan, the Americas, Mexico, China, and India.
We have been a reseller of Citizen Machinery and other vendors for over 40 years, supporting the manufacturing market.

Products and Services

Automotive Powertrain Production Equipment

We handle equipment related to large engine parts such as cylinder blocks and crankshafts manufactured in-house by automotive manufacturers. Our clients range from Japanese and foreign automotive manufacturers to major automotive parts suppliers. Our ability to deliver various powertrain equipment provides us the knowledge to better understand the client and market needs.

General-purpose Machine Tools

Our main products are Citizen Machinery’s lathes and FANUC machining centers. We provide high quality, high precision, machine tools to major global manufacturers. Also, we have technical alliances with these manufacturers co-working in initial research and development, offering full engineering services. Our objective is not just to sell machinery tools, but to propose innovative automation and labor-saving systems using AI and IoT.

Other products

・ Machining center ・ NC Lathe ・ Grinding machine and other metal processing machine tools
・ Non-processing machines (conveyors, washing machines, assembly machines, measuring machines, etc.)
・ Automotive body welding equipment, presses, dies, jigs
・ Battery and motor manufacturing equipment.

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