Our Company

Corporate Name

Marubeni Techno-Systems Corporation


April 1st, 2000


JPY 480 million

Annual Sales

JPY 54.6 billion (2019)


Marubeni Corporation (100%)

Board of Directors and Auditors


Toshiya Nagata

President & CEO

Tsuneyuki Hisatomi

Director, Excective Corporate Officer

Mamoru Kobayashi

Director, Excective Corporate Officer

Tsutomu Arasaki


Yusaku Nemoto


Hiroshi Nishizaki


Shigeyuki Koike

Corporate Auditor

Hiroyuki Miyazawa

Corporate Auditor

Akira Tanaka

Corporate Auditor

Gen Ishioka

Excective Corporate Officer

Daisuke Ebara

Corporate Officer

Akira Fujisawa

Corporate Officer

Kensuke Suzuki

Corporate Officer

Takami Kaneko

Corporate Officer

Eiji Sato

Corporate Officer

Tsuyoshi Komatsu

Corporate Officer

Toshiaki Gohma


OVOL Nihonbashi Bldg., 5F
3-4-4, Nihonbashi-Muromachi, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo, 103-0022, Japan

Living Industries Group

Packaging Systems Division

TEL : 03-6271-8521

Living Industries Division

TEL : 03-6271-8526

Advanced Materials Group

Functional Materials Division

TEL : 03-6271-8527

Chemical & Material Production Machinery Division

Lifestyle & Chemical Team

TEL : 03-6271-8523

Technical Textile Team

TEL : 03-6271-8522

Mobility Group

Automotive Powertrain Machinery Division

TEL : 03-6271-8524

Automotive Body Assembly Machinery & Machine Tools Division

TEL : 03-6271-8525

Administration Group

HR & General Affairs Department

TEL : 03-6271-8503

Accounting & Finance Department

TEL : 03-6271-8505

Risk Management Department

TEL : 03-6271-8504

Business Planning and Development Department

TEL : 03-6271-8506

Corporate Planning & Strategy Department

TEL : 03-6271-8530

Nagoya Branch

Nagoya Marubeni Bldg., 9F
2-2, Nishiki 2-chome, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi,
Aichi 460-8711, Japan
TEL : 052-202-6515 FAX : 052-202-6070

Marubeni Techno-Systems Vietnam Corporation

12F, Sun Wah Tower, 115 Nguyen Hue Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Socialist Republic of Vietnam
TEL : 84-28-38219009 FAX : 84-28-38219016/9018

April 1st, 2020

Division Structure

Packaging Systems Division

Proposing plastic bottle (PET) manufacturing equipment and Blow fill seal machine for medical containers. Development of light weight containers, proposals of production lines, and after-support services by technical staff.

Living Industries Division

Providing Textile machinery, Food processing machinery, and Solar power equipment, to customers around the world.

Functional Materials Division

Handling manufacturing and processing equipment of lithium-ion battery materials, optical films, 5G-compatible electronic materials, and carbon fiber composites for the semiconductor and electric component market. The Functional Material Division also handles printing equipment.

Chemical & Material Production Machinery Division

We provide & propose equipment to synthesize raw materials as ethylene & propylene and manufacturing equipment for fiber-glass, non-woven fabrics, and high-function fibers/textiles.

Automotive Powertrain Machinery Division

Providing powertrain manufacturing facilities to major Japanese and foreign automobile manufactures. Handling the engineering of production lines for our clients.

Automotive Body Assembly Machinery & Machine Tools Division

Providing automobile body manufacturing, welding lines, general-purpose machine tools, and factory automation. Meeting our client needs with our high level of engineering capabilities.

Nagoya Branch

In the Chubu region, Marubeni Techno-Systems propose equipment for various manufacturers in Japan and overseas. We handle manufacturing facilities for the automotive industry (completed vehicle parts) and the aircraft industry. In addition to manufacturing equipment and inspection equipment for solar cells.

Corporate History

September, 1987

Founded as Japan Agri-System Co., Ltd., 100% subsidiary of Marubeni Corporation.

April, 1994

Corporate name changed to Marubeni Sanki Corporation

April, 2000

Merged with Marubeni Corporation / Life Industry Department and part of Marubeni Machinery Co., Ltd., corporate name changed to Marubeni Techno-Systems Corporation

April, 2003

Merged with Marubeni Corporation / Environmental & Chemical Machinery Sec. and Osaka Industrial Machinery Dept. Osaka Branch was established.

April, 2005

Merged with Marubeni Corporation / Production System Section

April, 2006

Transferred New Energy Business (Equipment for Bio Ethanol Production/Photovoltaic Power Generation) to Marubeni Corporation

April, 2008

Merged with Marubeni Corporation / Industrial Systems Section

April, 2015

Merged with Marubeni Corporation / Nagoya Industrial Section and Kyushu Industrial Section, Nagoya Branch and Kyushu Branch established

April, 2016

Closed Marubeni Techno-Systems Osaka and Kyushu Branch

July, 2017

Merged with Marubeni Machine Tools Co., Ltd., Automobile Production Equipment / Machine tools business were transferred from Marubeni Machine Tools Co., Ltd.

October, 2018

Merged with Marubeni Tekmatex Corporation, Industrial Machinery / Textile Machinery business were transferred from Marubeni Tekmatex Corporation