Living Industries Division

Living Industries Division

Providing Textile machinery, Food processing machinery,
and Solar power equipment, to customers around the world.

Marubeni Techno-Systems covers a wide range of businesses related to daily life.
We expect the textile, clothing, and daily necessities industries in to expand in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Japanese textile machinery are world-class best-selling products with excellent productivity, durability, and operability.

Our main business in the food industry is exporting advanced Japanese food processing machinery for noodle manufacturing. Sales are primarily in Asia, the Middle East, and South America, with rising demand from Africa and Southwest Asia. Leveraging Marubeni Group’s global network, we provide services from handling initial inquiries, contracts, logistics, and exporting equipment.

In the solar power business, we sell solar cell modules, power conditioners, and mounts to domestic and overseas power generators and EPC operators.
With years of experience dealing with major solar cell manufacturers in China and other countries, we carry a wide range of solar cell manufacturing equipment. Our offering ranges from wafer-cell to module manufacturing equipment. From the standpoint of manufacturing, we help choose and judge proper equipment for our clients, selecting optimal equipment and after-care support for our clients.

We hope to continue to provide products that contribute to the fashion and lifestyle of people around the world.


・ We deliver advanced Japanese textile and food processing machinery to Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, and Africa.

Products and Services

Textile Machinery

・”cotton” to “thread” spinning machines
・”thread” into “cloth” weaving/braiding machine
・”cloth” dyeing machine

We provide a wide range of high-quality, high-performance textile manufacturing equipment.

Food Processing Machinery

With our long relationship with domestic and foreign textile equipment manufacturers, we propose production, wrapping, and automated production lines.

Solar Power Equipment

・ Solar Cell Modules
・ Power Conditioner
・ Mounts
・ Extended Warrantee

Other products

・Equipment for manufacturing Sanitary Goods

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