Living Industires Division

From instant noodles to solar power facilities
Providing production facilities related to everyday life to people around the world.

Marubeni Techno-Systems provides a wide range of products for the consumer’s everyday life, ranging from food & beverages to solar power facilities.
In the solar power facility business, we sell solar cell modules, power conditioners, and mounts to power generators and EPC operators in Japan and overseas.
With China as one of our primary clientele, we have dealt with prominent manufacturers on a global scale. Our offerings cover a wide range of solar cell manufacturing equipment from wafer, cell, and module manufacturing. We consult with clients assessing manufacturing needs and selecting proper equipment. We also handle the aftercare support & maintenance for products that we sell.
Our food & beverage-related business is centered around exporting cutting edge Japanese food and beverage manufacturing equipment. Examples of this equipment are noodle-making machines, which help sustain the global instant noodle food industry. We mainly sell to Asia, the Middle East, and South America, and have begun expanding to Africa and Southwest Asia.
Utilizing the Marubeni Group’s global network, we handle initial sales to delivery of equipment and help promote and export high-quality Japanese production equipment to the world.


・ Develop solar power facility business for power generation companies and EPC companies in Japan and Foreign countries.
・ Developing high-quality Japanese food and beverage facilities around the world. Primary markets are Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Africa

Products and Services

Solar power facilities

・ Solar cell module
・ Power conditioner
・ Mount
・ Product long-term warranty

We plan to expand our products and offerings to the personal/consumer house solar panel market.

Food and beverage equipment

Utilizing our long-relation with Japanese and foreign leading equipment manufacturers, we propose manufacturing, packaging, and automated production lines for our clients. Hiring local engineers, we have teams that handle after-sales service and support.

Other products

・ Aseptic beverage equipment ・ Housing materials equipment

As of March 2020.

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