Living Industries Division

Living Industries Division

A sustainable future with green energy using solar power and recycled materials

We are developing a wide range of products related to our daily lives to create the foundation for a sustainable society.

In the green energy field, we have dealt with solar cell manufacturers for many years handling solar cell manufacturing equipment. We also handle a wide range of manufacturing equipment for wafer-cell-module manufacturing. Furthermore, we sell solar cell modules, power conditioners, and racks to power generation companies and EPC companies in Japan and overseas. Our strength lies in our ability to judge the quality of products and provide extensive after-sales follow-up and support.

We also handle various types of storage batteries for home, commercial, and grid use. These batteries’ usage is growing at an accelerating pace, supporting the development of green energy.

We handle waste tire chips, raw materials, and fuels in the recycling business. By taking recycled raw materials and fuels, we contribute to developing a sustainable society.


・ Providing state-of-the-art solar cell manufacturing facilities and photovoltaic-related equipment to China, Japan, and other Asian countries. North American recycled materials to Japan.

Products and Services

Green Energy Division

・ Broad range of manufacturing equipment for Solar cell.
・ Solar cell modules, power conditioners, mounts, and other solar power-related equipment
・ Large grid storage batteries to Energy management equipment

Environment/Recycle products

・ waste tire chips

Other products

・Equipment for manufacturing Sanitary Goods

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