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Working at Marubeni Techno-Systems
Our Daily Workstyle

Tokyo Head Office Introduction

Marubeni Techno-Systems office is located in Nihonbashi.
Nihonbashi is the starting point for the Five Roads, that lead to all the roads in Japan. As the center of Edo’s merchant culture, Nihonbashi has been developing for more than 400 years and has grown into the business center of Tokyo.


The 1065 square meter open workspace is a spacious environment. The office is designed to be open and capable of seeing everybody.

Meeting Space

The 300 square meter conference space has 10 meeting rooms, ranging from large to medium in size.

Refresh Area

The refresh area in the office stimulate employee communication and create creative ideas.


Day offs & Vacations

  • ・2 days off per week
  • ・National Holidays, New years holiday (12/29-1/3の6days)
  • ・annual paid vacation/ half day off / hourly day off
  • ・Seasonal vacation(3days per year)
  • ・Family support day off
  • ・Volunteer work day off
  • ・Refresh day off, etc.

Marubeni Group Insurance Discounts (Group discounts)

  • ・Life Insurance
  • ・Medical Insurance
  • ・Car Insurance
  • ・Accident/Injury Insurance

Asset Management

  • ・Corporate pension
  • ・Retirement benefits
  • ・Wealth savings plan
  • ・Employee Stock Ownership Program

Childcare/Nursing Care Support System

  • ・Childcare leave system
  • ・Shortened working hour system for childcare
  • ・Nursing care leave system
  • ・Nursing care shortened working hour system
  • ・Flexible working hours for nursing care

Health Support

  • ・Regular health checkups and physical examinations
  • ・Stress check
  • ・Health consultation by corporate physician
  • ・Influenza vaccination support


  • ・Support system for various types of self-development
  • ・Support for acquisition of government issued certifications
  • ・Support for learning languages

Other Benefits & Services

  • ・Benefit One membership
  • ・Lodging accommodation support
  • ・In-house tea machines
  • ・In-house convenience store (paid service)