Story 02

Vietnam, expanding to emerging markets
Marubeni Techno-Systems global network

July 19, 2019

“From Instant Noodles to Rockets”
“Trading Company” dealing with a wide range of products

In April 2018, Marubeni Techno-Systems Vietnam Corporation made a new start. “The Vietnamese market will be interesting.” Takaharu Mori, a specialist in industrial equipment with over 20 years of experience, was appointed the General Director of Marubeni Techno-Systems Vietnam.
In the past, Marubeni Techno-Systems Vietnam specialized in milling machinery only, now we have extended our offerings to a broader range of industrial machinery. We handle any industrial machinery that our clients need; this is a wide range of equipment.
“To give you an idea, in the morning, we explain frozen food processing machines. In the afternoon, we have technical meetings on solar power generators. After that, we are proposing machine tools for automotive parts. We are actively communicating with the divisions of Marubeni Techno-Systems, discussing which companies in Vietnam are potential clients.”
After joining the company, Mr. Mori mainly focused on plastic bottle molding machines sales. Mr. Mori was stationed in Germany for three years before Vietnam, and solar power generation is another primary focus of his business.

Mr. Mori, General Director of Marubeni Techno-Systems Vietnam

In Vietnam, “Nothing happens if you wait, work doesn’t come that easy.” We visit our clients every day proposing equipment from energy-saving to automation.
“In Vietnam, the need for renewable energy is increasing, and solar power generation is a common topic among our clients. May it be a plastic processing manufacturer, a beverage manufacturer, or a car manufacturer, we can pitch renewable energy equipment to all of our clients. Solar power being the keyword, we visit clients proposing and listening to their issues. Working with headquarters in Japan, we come up with creative ideas to help solve our client’s problems.”

“Tomorrow will be better” a Young, Powerful, and Growing market

Lively office and workspace, Sun Wah Tower, in the center of Ho Chi Minh City

Many Vietnamese people are warm-hearted. When you ask a question, people tend to return answers to please the person asking. For example, if you ask an employee, “Have you finished your work?” people respond, saying, “Yes, it’s finished!” Even though you haven’t asked them to do anything yet.
“People communicate differently than we do if you ask them a YES or NO question; they will give you a different answer. This is the same with our clients. It is important to ask questions several times to confirm and that the message is understood.

On the other hand, Vietnam’s rapid economic growth is one of its strengths. The population exceeds 96 million, and it is increasing by about one million every year. The average age is 30, and it’s a young, vibrant country where everyone believes that tomorrow will be a better day.
“I feel that Vietnam is full of opportunities for industrial and machine tools. The majority of manufacturing is for export, but domestic consumption is also strong. Located on the Indochina Peninsula, access from Japan is good, and are no religious issues as other Asian countries.”

Success in Vietnam will lead to the next market development

“I feel Vietnam’s economic growth by doing business here.
Although there are many opportunities in this market, if you are not keen on information, chances of business will slip. I am convinced that if you are aware of information, there is much potential to discover and develop new business in Vietnam. There is a market full of opportunities, and the rest is up to us. Having come to Vietnam has got me in the habit of thinking of new ideas and business propositions. The word “SERENDIPITY” is something that I always keep in mind, since being stationed in Vietnam.”
“Marubeni Techno-Systems will move on to the next country and market. If a country with potential like Vietnam emerges, it will be a target for business development.”
“The next country, maybe Africa, but I believe that my success in Vietnam is an important factor in determining the direction of the overseas expansion of Marubeni Techno-Systems. In that sense, the results are important, and I feel the pressure.”
“The time difference between Vietnam and Japan is two hours. Compared to Europe, where the time difference is about 8 hours, it is a better environment to work in real-time. Our office located in the best part of Ho Chi Minh City, full of tourists; we can see Vietnam grow. “

There are countless products to handle, but are sales were mainly to Japanese companies. As a new attempt, we began sales to local Vietnamese conglomerates. Starting with plastic recycling, we are challenging new business fields.

We will grow our business as Vietnam’s economy grows, expanding Marubeni Techno-Systems presence further. Vietnam will be an example of expanding to emerging countries for Marubeni Techno-Systems. There should be more branches to follow our steps.
Marubeni Techno-Systems Vietnam is the foremost example of overseas expansion in this era.
Working closely with the Marubeni Group, we are also active in working with other Japanese companies. Building local relationships and sharing information among local staff. One day I hope we can all work together as a whole ALL JAPAN.

“In my private life, my friends and I started a baseball team in Vietnam, the “Nichietsu Baseball Association.”
On weekends, Japanese people living in Vietnam gather to play together. The organization has already reached more than 100 people and has played against teams from Cambodia and Myanmar. We are in the middle of a tournament now.”

“I also play on the Japanese boy baseball team as coach PAPA (father). It gives me new people, and we discuss work once and a while, this inspires me every day. I value everyone I meet, and I continue to expand my network,” says Mr. Mori
Marubeni Techno-Systems Vietnam has just begun “PLAYBALL!”