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No. 1 track record of Plastic Bottle manufacturing equipment in Japan.

Marubeni Techno-Systems has over 40 years of experience in plastic bottle manufacturing equipment sales and a delivery record of over 120 units. We hold the top share in Japan.

Our sales team are expert in packaging and container equipment for the food and beverage industry. Combined with our experienced engineering team, we provide high-level field support. Our strength lies in our ability to respond to customer needs for various packaging container-related technology and equipment.

We are the sole Japan distributor of plastic bottle blow molder manufacturer KHS GmbH (Germany), providing local support from parts, onsite engineering support, and project management. We support our clients using cutting-edge digital technology.

Our technical team train at KHS headquarters and work closely with KHS members. Through such communications, our technical staff gains deep knowledge of KHS products to perform onsite maintenance and repairs supporting our customer’s stable production.


No.1 domestic delivery record for plastic bottle manufacturing equipment


More than 120 blow molding machines delivered

more than 120 units

Blow molding machine Japanese market over 60% share

60% market share

Plastic bottle manufacturing equipment history

over 40 years

No. 1 delivery record in Japan for plastic bottle manufacturing equipment
・ Over 60% share in Japan, a delivery record of over 120 units
・ Delivery to major beverage manufacturers in Japan
・ Delivered to various locations from North to South of Japan.
・ Domestic distributor of KHS GmbH (Germany) 3rd largest blow molding machinery manufacturer in the world.

Products and Services

Blow Molding Machine

We propose KHS GmbH blow molding machines as a complete package. Inspecting machines on-site before shipment from Germany, we provide end-to-end support until our clients can start production in Japan.
We are proud to be a part of our client’s business, sharing the achievement and joy with our customers.

Our engineers work with domestic partners to design bottles and molds necessary to meet market needs for various plastic bottle designs. In addition to plastic bottles, we also offer a wide variety of know-how related to specially shaped bottles, eco-friendly containers, and packaging-container manufacturing equipment.

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Typical products and services

・ PET bottle inner surface silica coating equipment
・ PET bottle optical inspection equipment
・ Other European packaging and container-related facilities and equipment

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