Functional Material Division 1

Supporting a clean and green society

We handle manufacturing and processing equipment for lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles and renewable energy.

One of our products that has multiplied over the past few years is manufacturing equipment for separator film.  In addition, we started handling manufacturing equipment for aluminum pouches (the outer packaging material for lithium-ion batteries) and manufacturing equipment for positive and negative electrode materials.

The lithium-ion battery is said to be a once-in-a-century game-changing technology.  As a division deeply involved in the lithium-ion battery industry, we always look for the best and new solutions for our customers.

We mainly supply products to Japan, China, and Korea. We are also strengthening our efforts in Europe and the United States.
We provide equipment for manufacturing separator film for lithium-ion batteries to industry leaders.

Products and Services

“Lithium-ion battery separator film” manufacturing equipment

With the 2016 EV boom in China, demand for in-house production of lithium-ion battery components is on the rise. With this Chinese manufacturer demand for manufacturing equipment of separator film, (a significant part of lithium-ion battery production) is also rising. Our business is continually growing as our clients’ industry expands.

The penetration of new energy vehicles (including EV’s) in China for 2021 is expected to grow to 2.91 million units (EV & BEV).  This accounts for 11% of total domestic sales.  Combined with NEV regulations, this growth is expected to continue over the long term, and the demand for manufacturing facilities for separator film is also likely to increase.

Functional Material Division 2

Quickly catching global needs and delivering cutting-edge technology to the world

Products and Services

Functional Materials Equipment

We handle manufacturing and processing equipment for optical films, 5G-compatible electronic materials, carbon fiber composite materials, and other materials used in cars.
For manufacturing 5G-related materials, we propose machines that meet individual needs by using our network and information-gathering capabilities to find suitable machines.
As a division that handles cutting-edge materials, we always offer our customers the latest equipment and technology.

Chemical Plant Facilities

In the petrochemicals field, we have a track record of delivery in Japan, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Thailand, India, the Middle East, Europe, Russia, North America, South America, and the rest of the world.

We also have a lineup of equipment for various petrochemical plants.
Based on our network and a long history with major overseas chemical and engineering companies, we sell and deliver various equipment and facilities to petrochemical plants in Japan and overseas.

Textile Machinery

“Cotton” to “Yarn” Spinning Machines
“Yarn” to “Fabric” Weaving & Braiding Machine
“Fabric” Coloring, Dyeing Finisher Machine for vibrant colors
We provide a wide range of high-quality, high-performance textile manufacturing equipment.

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