Automotive Powertrain Machinery Division

Adding value to the automotive industry with our experience and network.
Industry dedicated sales and technical experts.

Marubeni Techno-Systems provides automotive powertrain manufacturing equipment for engines and transmissions in Japan and overseas.
Our strength is that we have a large number of sales and technical staff that formerly worked at automotive manufacturers, machine tool manufacturers, and automotive peripheral manufacturers. The team allows us to have a deep understanding of client issues, enabling us to provide accurate and proactive proposals to our clients.

With our knowledge and a network developed over 40 years, we continue to deliver new information and value to major automotive manufacturers.

In recent years, with the acceleration of global alliances among automotive manufacturers, our overseas business has increased. Business with major manufacturers has grown, expanding to Europe, North America, South America, Latin Americas, and Asia.
We are also early adopters of recent industry changes such as EV’s, Autonomous Driving, and Connected car technology.


In addition to supplying manufacturing equipment in Japan, we export powertrain manufacturing equipment to automotive production regions around the world, such as Europe, North America, South America, Latin America, and Asia.

Our Products & Services

Automotive Powertrain Production Equipment

We handle equipment related to large engine parts such as cylinder blocks and crankshafts manufactured in-house by automotive manufacturers. Our clients range from Japanese and foreign automotive manufacturers to major automotive parts suppliers. Our ability to deliver various powertrain equipment provides us the knowledge to better understand the client and market needs.

Inspection System

To improve quality, labor-saving, and increase efficiency, automation of the inspection process is essential. Utilizing image recognition technology, we are working with manufacturers to develop the next generation of inspection equipment. Using AI and Deep Learning technology, we are developing machine that learns and increase the accuracy of inspection autonomously. Integrating with IoT, we strive to improve the quality and provide a new solution to the market.

Electric Car Motor

The spreading of EV’s, Autonomous Driving, and Connected cars has brought a once in a 100 years revolution to the automotive industry.
We are aggressively following the EV industry and market, providing equipment to manufacture motors for EV’s and Hybrid cars, Electronic throttle control systems, and batteries.

Other products

・ Automation equipment (robots, autonomous guided dollies, automated warehouses)

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