As a leader in organization structuring,
business reform, and new product development
The driving force of the company

Joined 2014
Corporate Planning & Strategy Department

Ai Sakamaki

I want to communicate the high level of Japan’s technical capabilities to the world.

Since I was a student, I was interested in communicating with people from different languages and cultures and working together to accomplish something. I had a desire to convey the goodness of Japanese products and the high level of technical capabilities to the world. I was looking for a job at a trading company when I came across Marubeni Tekmatex. Marubeni Tekmatex was involved in exporting Japanese goods. After joining Marubeni Tekmatex, I was assigned to textile machinery sales for four and a half years. Marubeni Machine Tools, Marubeni Tekmatex, and Marubeni Techno-Systems merged in 2018. After the merger, my position is at a new division, the ‘Corporate Planning & Strategy Department’.

Supporting to create synergy, taking the good aspects of all three companies

The integration of the three companies has rapidly increased the number of products, suppliers, customers, and countries of business. Our department supports the integration of the three companies to create new synergies.
In addition to bringing together the strengths of the three companies, we aim to build an efficient working environment utilizing IT technology. For example, we are introducing new systems cloud-based systems that incorporate feedback from our sales team. My experience in sales helps me think of features and functions that would be beneficial for the team.

Sales and management, two experiences for my future career

When I was in sales, I translated English inquiries from overseas clients to Japanese manufacturers. Vice-versa, I translated the feedback from Japanese manufacturers to our foreign clients. Having to translate and communicate technical and professional terminology was not an easy task. Still, I found my work rewarding as I could link people and companies of different cultures together, towards a common goal. My current job of supporting the smooth integration of the three companies with different internal cultures and products is also gratifying. In my early career, I experience sales, and now I am experiencing administration. Whichever path the future holds, I will utilize the experience in both fields to create synergy with the skill sets I have accumulated.
Our company provides generous benefit plans as well. Many employees have returned from maternity leave and childcare leave, I admire a workplace where you can raise children while working. I wish to continue my career, balancing both my personal and work life.