Supporting the foundation
of manufacturing
Working with materials is intriguing

Joined 2006
General Manager, Chemical and Materials Production Machinery Division (at the time of interview)

Akihiro Kitano

Full use of the Marubeni Group’s network

I changed jobs from a major manufacturer in 2006. In my previous post, I worked on domestic sales. I studied abroad as a student, and I joined Marubeni Techno-Systems with the desire to take advantage of my English to engage in global business.
One of the attractions of Marubeni Techno-Systems is that it can enter production sites in various industries and develop businesses by making use of the Marubeni Group’s network.
Currently, as General Manager of the Business Division, our division deals with various equipment for chemical plants, recycled products, manufacturing-related equipment such as nonwoven fabrics and artificial leather.

Paying attention to details so our clients, suppliers, and we are in a good relation.

Our work is attractive because there are clients scattered throughout a variety of industries, and we can directly work on hands with each “manufacturing” site.
Because we mainly deal with equipment for making materials, the general consumer is unaware of our presence. End-products are manufactured from raw materials that are made using our equipment. We take pride in that our work is the foundation for manufacturing products.
As a trading company, one of the main difficulties of our job is maintaining a healthy relationship between the client, supplier, and us. In times this is challenging, but makes the job worthwhile.

As a manager who emphasizes on details, Mr. Kitano does not go a day without communication with his subordinates.

Overseas, we say, “the devil lies in the details.” In Japan, we say, “God lies in the details.” but I think that it all lies in paying attention to the details. By paying attention to the details, we can eliminate the devil (risk), and invite God (good luck), resulting in a good job. With every chance I have, I tell my staff, “Don’t neglect the details.”

Through my experience stationed overseas, I try to keep a broad perspective as an employee of a trading company.
I want to contribute to “Manufacturing in Japan.”

Since joining the company, my main business has been handling equipment for chemical plants in Japan and overseas. In 2016 I was stationed at Dusseldorf, Germany, for three years at the parent company Marubeni Germany Branch. When I was in Germany, I was involved in a wide range of businesses. Including packaging and container systems, functional materials equipment, and automobile-related equipment, in addition to equipment for chemical plants. It was a valuable experience broadening my perspective as a trading company employee.

Throughout my career at Marubeni Techno-Systems, I have become increasingly committed to working to support Japanese manufacturing. Many of our business partners that are small and medium-sized have high technical capabilities. We want to introduce the unique technologies that these companies have to Japan and the global market. Also, for large corporate clients who continue to create high-value-added products. We want to propose new equipment ideas and new application concepts and continue to contribute to Japan’s “manufacturing.”