20 years in the machine tool industry
Exploring new forms of production

Joined 2010
Manager, Automotive Body Assembly Machinery & Machine Tools Division (at the time of interview)

Masaki Konuma

One micron accuracy
The “magical” world of manufacturing

I was an economics major in university and had nothing to do with machinery. But as a result, being in this industry for 20 years, I am a manager of the Automotive Body Assembly Machinery & Machine Tools Division.
I started my career as sales for a long-established machine tool manufacturer that made the first lathe in Japan. I joined Marubeni Techno-Systems after changing jobs.
Ever since I saw machinery that could move at a one micron level, I have been fascinated by the “magical” technology.
In my workspace, there are engineers and sales that are knowledgeable in the industry, and it is a stimulating environment.

In a time where manufacturing and production rapidly changes. I want to contribute to the success of our business partners and suppliers.

Equipment and machines used to make machines called “Mother Machines” are the origin of manufacturing.
However, clients who manufacturer, machinery are a cost. When clients purchase new equipment, pricing is a significant factor. We work with clients to properly understand their needs, to make an accurate and beneficial proposal. We are committed to creating an environment in which customers can profit through the value added use of our machines.

In this era where manufacturing speed is increasing, the way of production is as well. Some clients use machinery in new and innovative ways, devising new techniques and methods of production. These clients become opinion leaders of the industry. We share information with these clients, and take in their ideas, and share them with the machinery manufacturers.

Contributing to society and the company and aiming for my growth.

My position as manager is demanding, and overviews training, resources, and organization management, but I find this rewarding. We will continue to take on new challenges and contribute to the company and society. And as a result, I hope to grow more.