The Bridge between Japan and China
Connecting businesses with different customs

Joined 2015
Functional Materials Division (at the time of interview)

Zongnan Li

A job I can demonstrate my strengths

I changed my job from a trading company that dealt with electronic materials to Marubeni Techo-Systems in 2015.
I joined a trading company because I wanted to work in an environment where my Chinese background would be of use. In my previous job, I was in charge of sales in China and Japan (50% Chinese market and 50% domestic market). It was hard to concentrate on one market. I decided to change jobs to better focus on sales in the Chinese market.
I decided to join Marubeni Techno-Systems, because they have a presence in the Chinese and Taiwanese markets. I thought it the best place to demonstrate my potential and strengths.

Chinese-Customers and Japanese-Manufacturers,
It is my role to coordinate both sides

Currently, we are focused on exporting manufacturing facilities related to lithium-ion batteries. Japanese technology in this industry is much more advanced compared to China and Taiwan. There is a high demand for Japanese equipment in China and Taiwan, and it is my job to sell to these markets.

The cultural differences between countries portray differences in business practice. China has its way of doing things, and so does Japan. As a Chinese who understand Japan, it is my role to fulfill the gap between the two countries. Though still an overstatement, I would like to say, “I am the bridge between Japan and China.”
After thoroughly understanding our Chinese customer’s requests, we communicate this to the Japanese manufacturer. Japanese manufacturers will try to meet the requirements, and it is essential that everything fits in place. The client and supplier must agree for business to succeed. When I accomplish this, there is more satisfaction than the mere numbers of sales.

Customers in China and Taiwan are passionate about learning Japanese technology. Often we will give large presentations to our clients.

Developing new customers
I want to contribute to building a new revenue base for the division

Recently, we delivered newly developed Japanese equipment to a Chinese client. The manufacturer developed new equipment, and we help find new customers. Working as a team, it took us one year to finalize the contract. This was the first oversea delivery for the manufacturer, and I was very pleased with this deal.
I always aim to develop new customers and to close deals with them. My goal for the future is to create new customers and expand exports. Currently, the Functional Materials Division and functional materials equipment team are exporting equipment mainly to China. I want to expand building a new business that generates a constant revenue stream. We hope to contribute by developing businesses that can become the future foundation for our company.