Textile machinery
business 20 years
“People” are the game-changer
of a trading company

Joined 1997
Senior Project Manager, Chemical & Material Production Machinery Division (at the time of interview)

Hiromi Tamura

I wanted to work on a global basis

I majored in Spanish at university, hoping I could use my linguistic skills to work on a global scale. Initially, I thought of working at a tourist company. As I started to interview with trading companies, I soon decided that I wanted to do business on a global basis. I choose Marubeni Techno-Systems because of their exporting business to Spain and South America. Currently, I am engaged in exporting machines (looms) for North, Central, South America, and Europe, mainly for weaving a wide range of fabrics, including bed sheets, towels, suits, shirts, and sportswear.

In the fifth year of joining the company, I was in charge of sales of the loom machinery.

Trading companies don’t have products, so people are the greatest asset. Working at a trading company is not only about negotiating purchase and sales, handling complaints and troubles is part of the job. We are in between the client and manufacturer, clarifying issues and problems. In some cases, even if it’s not entirely satisfactory for both parties, finding a point of closure is still a significant accomplishment. This is part of the satisfaction and joy of my work.
When I joined the company, the workspace was still male dominant, and there were only men account managers. After four years of joining, I was in charge of exporting spare parts, but it was my goal to be in machine sales. In my fifth year, I was appointed to handle machine sales of Central and South America. I still remember how happy I was to receive the position. There were questions around being the first woman sales. Yet, as my colleagues saw how I communicated with our clients, they gradually came to recognize my work.
Of course, some hardships come with the job, but I have no complaints as it is the job I wanted to pursue.
I feel that the more effort I put into work, the more rewarding it is.

Determining the strength and skill of each individual improves efficiency.
Liven up the historic Our Business!

For many years, I have been operating in the same environment as men. I believe we should not segregate work between men and women. Work should be handled based on the skills and strengths of each individual. This thinking will lead to each individual’s growth and higher contribution, ultimately contributing to the growth of the company.
As for my work, I will do my best to continue selling textile machines that I have been a part of for many years. Textiles are an essential part of two of the three necessities (clothes, food, and housing) for living. The range of textiles for industrial material applications is rapidly expanding. The textile industry will never disappear. Our business has a long history. I hope to liven our business, so our clients and colleagues find us inspiring.